Monday, September 25, 2006

Alpha Demo Site Live

[Removed by request] has reactivated the OpenPacket alpha demo server. It is available at:

The site will be live:

Monday from 7am to 5pm
Tuesday from 7am to 5pm

All times are EST (I believe).

To gain moderator status, visit

[Removed by request] says:

Things that have been done since last demo:

- Moderators can dis/approve and leave comments
- A log is written each time a dis/approval is made
- Remoderation feature: moderators can re-approve a disapproved file or perm delete it (log is written)
- Number of downloads is now shown for each file
- A marker has been added if the file is sanitized
- You can sort when browsing files
- Searching features have been added for comments
- Searching features have been added for parsed information of files
- Clicking a user brings a page with all the files that user uploaded
- Moderators can put "final comments" on a file. This comment will be highlighted
- Categories have been added

What needs to be done:
- Tagging
- Rating of files
- Rating of users
- Checksums
- Validate that the uploaded file is a pcap file
- Add the openpacket logo

Please give the demo a try and post your feedback to the openpacket-devel list.

Thank you [Removed by request], and thank you testers!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Round of Alpha Demo Testing Soon

[Removed by request] is coding the suggestions made since the demo last month. He expects to be done within a week. When the demo site is available again, I will post a notice here and on the openpacket-devel mailing list. Thank you.