Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes, we're here. No, we haven't left. Yes, we want your pcaps.

We here at OpenPacket.org HQ, deep in the mountains, received an email yesterday asking if we are still alive.

Answering in a truly Steve Jobs way:

Of course, we're still here, and we aren't going away.  There is a lot of background work going on, as far as updates to the site, and things we are waiting on Ruby for, however, we still need the pcaps you submit.

Received an email from a contributor asking if they could upload their pcaps, apparently a bunch of them, to which we responded, "Yes, of course!"  We like pcaps, we'd like more of them, and our databases are waiting for them from you.



Jelmer de Reus said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for staying :) I'm really curious about this part:

"..things we are waiting on Ruby for.."

Are you working on a Ruby on Rails-based monitoring and report tool?

Ankit said...

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